Simon Hulstone

The Elephant, Torquay

Simon Hulstone, chef proprietor at The Elephant, is an award winning chef with a talent for using local, seasonal produce to create memorable flavours. Since the age of 16, he’s been competing (and winning) competitions around the world. Simon has represented his country on more than 20 occasions, twice in the world’s most prestigious culinary contest, the Bocuse d’Or. Among some of his other accolades are the Craft Guild of Chefs’ National Chef of the Year 2008, the Roux Scholarship in 2003, Captaincy of the English and British Culinary teams and New Zealand Young Chef of the Year. Simon has worked with some of Britain’s most respected chefs including his father Roger, who have all played an important part in his career and achievements. His chef mentors and experience in top competitions have given Simon a passion for great ingredients and a finesse for taste and presentation which continues to win praise from critics and customers alike. The Elephant restaurant has held three AA rosettes since 2005 and in 2006, Simon and his team won Torquay its first Michelin star, which it maintains today.

What we’ve been using before is absolute rubbish compared to Santa Maria´s

Bitter chocolate and Tellicherry Pepper tart

Tart will make 10 portions

400 g Dark chocolate 68 %
2 Large eggs
500 ml Double cream
1 tbsp Horlicks
Santa Maria Tellicherry Black Pepper GSEB

Pre lined and cooked 10 inch sweet pastry tart case

• Bring the cream to the boil with the Horlicks powder and 10 good twists of the Tellicherry grinder being careful not to boil over or burn the bottom of the pan.

• Pour over the eggs whilst hot and whisk at all times to combine the cream and eggs.

• In a larger bowl add the chopped chocolate and then pour over the warm egg/cream mix. Mix together with a wooden spoon until combined totally. Pass through a sieve , the Tellicherry flavour will have infused in the chocolate but we don’t want the peppercorns in the tart.

• Preheat your oven to 110 °C.

• Place precooked tart shell on tray and place in oven, carefully pour the chocolate mixture into the tart case until just a few mms away the top, gently close oven door to avoid shaking the tart.

• Check every 6 or 7 minutes , the tart will gently set and become firm and bouncy to the touch, this will take around 30 minutes.

• Remove from oven but do not put in fridge as this will shock the tart and the top will crack, once sufficiently cooled to room temperature either cut it using a large tart or serve it using individual cases.

• The tart is best served room temperature but you can chill if required and reheat in a low temperature oven for a few minutes but be careful not to heat for too long as it will split the mixture.

• Dust liberally with cocoa powder and finish with a few grinds of the Tellicherry Black pepper. Serve with vanilla or caramel ice cream and some roasted bananas or just on its own.