Russell Bateman

Head Chef, Colettes at the Grove

Santa Maria products are just a world apart

Diver Caught Scallops with Green Peppercorn, Finger Lime & Oyster Emulsion

Chef comments: Serves 4

Oyster Emulsion
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard”
½ lemon juice
150 ml rapeseed oil
3 oysters

4 large diver caught scallops (must be diver caught scallops, never dredged
4 teaspoon Santa Maria Green Peppercorn
1 Australian finger lim
½ lemo
Dehydrated cavia
Flaked sea salt

Oyster Emulsion:
• Start by opening the oysters and retaining the juice from inside
• Wash the oysters off to remove any debris left from opening
• Place the egg yolks and mustard into a food blender and blitz until incorporated
• Add the oysters making sure they are completely dry
• Blend, once smooth, slowly add the oil until it begins to thicken
• If it becomes too thick use the oyster juice to let it down
• Finish with lemon juice and a touch of salt

• Open and remove scallops from shell, clean in ice water until completely clean and debris free
• Place on a napkin to dry
• Once dry place into a container and freeze overnight. This process will tenderize the scallops and kill any pathogens, allowing you to serve them raw
• Defrost in the fridge
• Once defrosted completely, slice each scallop in half through the middle
• Season generously with flaked sea salt, lemon juice, crushed Santa Maria Green Peppercorns
• Gently squeeze the finger limes to remove the citrus fruits pearls
• Add a few pearls to the top of each scallop slice, grate over the dehydrated caviar
• Serve 2 halves of scallop per person