Eric Snaith

Owner, Titchwell Manor

Seeing the actual difference in flavour and strength, it’s a no brainer that we have been buying the wrong pepper

Roasted baby pineapple with cinnamon bun & cinnamon toast ice cream

For the ice cream
225g toasted wholemeal bread
1.5kg whole milk
650g bread infused milk
40g milk powder
80g sugar
120g egg yolks
75g double cream
60g sugar
3g Santa Maria Cinnamon

 For the pineapple
2 baby pineapples
25g butter
8 cardamom pods, smashed
2 Santa Maria Cinnamon sticks
2 star anise
10 Santa Maria Tellicherry Black Peppercorns
100g sugar
50g water

 For the cinnamon bun
875g flour
32g yeast
175g milk
375g eggs
30g sugar
10g salt
200g butter, soft
5g Santa Maria Cinnamon
250g butter mixed with 5g Santa Maria Cinnamon
100g demerara sugar

For the ice cream
• Combine wholemeal bread and whole milk and refrigerate overnight, pass
• Place infused milk, milk powder and cream in a pan and bring to the boil
• Temper onto the yolk and sugar, pour back into the pan and cook out until thick, strain and chill
• Churn ice cream and then fold in remaining sugar and cinnamon, reserve in freezer

For the pineapple
• Using a knife peel the pineapple
• In a pan with a little veg oil add half of each of the spices and the pineapples and begin to colour the edges, turning the pineapples every so often
• When the edges begin to colour, add the butter and start basting the pineapples. You want to achieve a dark golden colour all over, but the pineapple should remain quite firm, remove from the heat
• Make a caramel using the sugar, when it starts to colour add the spices. When it has reached a medium golden colour deglaze with the water, stir until all the caramel has melted, allow to cool
• In a vac-pac bag put the pineapples and spiced caramel in and vac. Place in a 65C water bath for 1 hour to allow the pineapple to take on all the flavour of the spiced caramel, chill

For the cinnamon bun
• Place the flour, cinnamon, salt, yeast and sugar into a mixing bowl, begin to mix on speed 1
• Add the eggs and milk and continue mixing until a smooth dough has formed
• Slowly add the butter bit by bit until all is completely mixed in, scrape down the sides of the bowls if need be.
• Leave to prove in the fridge until double in size
• Knock back and roll into a flat rectangle
• Spread half the butter and half the sugar on top of the rolled brioche
• Then roll the brioche on to itself causing a spiral of cinnamon, sugar and butter to form in the middle
• In an ovenproof tray, spread the rest of the butter and sugar on the bottom, then slice the rolled brioche into 1 cm thick slices and neatly arrange them on top of the butter in the oven tray, allow to prove for 1 hour, then bake at 160c until golden brown.

To plate:
• Thinly slice the baby pineapple and arrange neatly, place a scoop of ice cream on top
• Then pull off one of the cinnamon buns and place next to the ice cream, enjoy!